AboutHotel Amore is a dedication to love by Melbourne photographer Sarah Tee. Having got her start shooting for high-profile fashion and beauty clients, the classically-trained photographer then turned her eye to nuptials – where she now imparts her signature hazy, romantic vision to every wedding she captures.

Sarah Tee
Founder / Hotel Amore
+423 204 290
Melbourne / London
Available Worldwide
Sarah Tee Founder / HotelAmore

With a timeless documentary and editorial influence, Hotel Amore aims to capture those fleeting moments between, that often go unnoticed but are the binding betwixt memories. Champagne glasses tipping precariously, heels cast aside, a sodden tissue. The delicate fragments that make a wedding.

Sarah works across Melbourne, where she is also the director of Heartbreak Hotel , as well as Europe in the summer.